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Commercial and Breeding Alliances

Alliances case studies

Securing critical mass is crucial to sustain growth. Constraints within an organisation, or in the market place, can often restrict organic growth. For some this is compounded by the need to harness prohibitively expensive new breeding technologies in order to remain competitive. But such challenges create opportunities. Adopting an objective approach, Green Resources undertake to identify and build shared values into successful, meaningful and long term alliances.

With an experienced and proven skills set we have successfully developed and implemented a number of breeding alliances ranging from brokering commercial partnerships to establishing new bespoke contract breeding programmes.

Strong alliances are more than just reducing costs and risks. Commercial and technical objectives will only be achieved by sharing philosophies, vision, and knowhow.

Often the starting point is to make a discrete third party approach to identified compatible companies, who are often in a similar predicament.

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