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"Is Intellectual Property Management (IPM) on your Board Agenda?"

When I have asked company executives that question they invariably say “Yes, of course royalty income is our life blood” or words to that effect.

The problem with that answer is that it reveals that too many executives see royalty income and IPM as being the same. But royalty is an income. It is measured against last year’s performance, projections will be made, and amendments to forecasts may result.

But how much time is spent considering how the company is actually managing its intellectual property? Have you devoted time to consider your approach to IP management? Or new business models? Are you truly effective? Is there evasion? How can you verify your collection and identify where there is financial leakage? Have you educated your staff on the importance of IP?

I can help you review your IPM. I offer bespoke workshops providing an insight into IP and its management. As a catalyst I aim to stimulate a focused discussion; to create creative thinking, to challenge convention and possibly change mind-sets.

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