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Commercial and Breeding Alliances


Chris Green

1. Commercial Alliance

With a proven track record and market insight I provide an effective analysis on strategies to be adopted for the best route to market.

Over the years I have been instrumental in establishing numerous short and long term agency and representation agreements delivering a cost effect approach to market expansion. From identifying best candidate companies to structuring specific Material Transfer Agreements I offer a confidential one stop service.

Developing markets for niche crops requires a specific tailored non commodity approach. Identifying opportunities in the early stages of development such as bringing together partners in the supply chain together considerably strengthens the market platform and can reduce risks. In the bio energy sector I provided a pivotal solution to Scottish Coal Plc in developing a sustainable supply chain.

I can help you define markets and establish tactical or strategic partnerships.

2. Breeding Alliances

1989 saw my first successfully negotiated breeding alliance. At the time the Government wished to divest from direct support of near market plant breeding. Acquiring the commercial rights to the WPBS oat breeding programme against open tender, demonstrated to me the benefits of such partnerships. Latterly I negotiated the acquisition of the Monsanto oat programme merging that into the oat business activity.

Acting for plant breeding companies I have been able to hone my skills in securing breeding partnerships.

In my opinion there is considerable, and as yet largely untapped, scope for companies to explore and engage in commercial and contract breeding.

Have you considered those opportunities? If you have and want to explore further then contact Chris GreenContact Green Resources