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Chris Green

Strategic reviews should be undertaken on the basis of opening the minds of key executives and operational managers. Engaging an independent consultant to moderate the process, break down barriers mind sets and introduce a degree of lateral thinking well help shape and define future strategies.

1. Plant Development Office Ltd (Ireland)

A root and branch review was undertaken to provide the members and the secretariat with a candid review of the PVDO as a business function, its interaction, and its performance. The report highlighted areas of weakness from which clear objectives were initiated.

2. Major Challenge on Corporate Integration

Working to an agreed brief with the Board of a well-established European plant breeding and seed company I undertook a managerial, operational and organisational review. A comprehensive and wide reaching list of recommendations were made and accepted by the senior Board and I was charged with their implementation which included the process of recruiting which I undertook through headhunting known individuals.


I have seen good strategies fail through poor implementation; and poor strategies succeed where they have been well implemented. A strategic review is a process and should only be embarked upon by those who wish to embrace and take ownership for change.

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