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Chris Green

1. Acquisition - Managing Buy Out

Leading a Management Buy Out provides a unique personal and fulling experience.

In my own case it was probably passion that proved to be the biggest motivator. Passion for the business and employees. Passion for the company, which as a Guinness subsidiary I was the first employee and Managing Director. A passion to succeed. A passion to win.

Leading the MBO of SW Seed Ltd provided a great insight not only into the procedures but importantly an awareness and understanding of the adopted negotiating philosophies. It was a very personal process with high days and low days and many frustrations along the way. It challenged my business acumen, even at times my conviction but I was never deflected from the purpose.

In accomplishing a successful outcome it considerably widen my skill set allowing me to understand at first-hand how to strike a good deal and how to steer towards an objective end point.

2. Divestment - Save of UK Bio Energy Business

Faced with continual confusion on support arrangements and a hostile market for biofuels, Laatmannen Energy (Sweden) engaged my services to find a buyer to divest their UK subsidiary.

My adopted strategy was to review the market place and identify key progressive companies. As Laatmannen wished to have an ongoing UK supply activity it was important that a continuing relationship with the potential buyer could be established. Against that criteria it was agreed only two companies would be targeted. Following a discrete and direct approach to the CEOs and on their acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement we put in place negotiations.

In less than three months from taking the brief the deal was signed, sealed and delivered.

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